Is it time to kick back and have a Husker blowout?  Before your football suds and snacks have you expanding your waistband, keep in mind, they can impact your health! Here are some tailgate tips:

  1. Game days are a marathon rather than a sprint.  With all of the pre-game hype, you can end up adding serious calories.  Be mindful of length of the event.
  2. Try to include foods in your party spread that are less calorie dense.  Inexpensive party platters of pre-prepped veggies or fruit are easy to find and will give you better leftovers, too!
  3. What about single serving chips or 100-calorie packs of snacks instead of bags and bags of chips?  Bonus: you’ll have extras for packing a portion-controlled lunch.
  4. Think about serving low-calorie lemonade (like Crystal Light) as a drink option.  It will help keep costs in check, prevent sticky messes and limit staining associated with other drinks.
  5. If you are consuming alcoholic drinks, alternate them with low-calorie drinks or water.
  6. Keep the fun focused on the event with great activities, rate the commercials, throw around mini footballs, color theme items. Make the event more about the fun than the food.
  7. Choose your favorite treat and relish eating it versus mindlessly eating anything and everything.
  8. Add a few end zone dances to your activity the week before and after to balance your treats.