Does your life bring you a sense of joy? Are you happy with the decisions you have made in your life? Are you excited for the future? Does your life bring a light to this world in some sort of fashion? These are all questions to ponder and encourage a person to determine what their purpose in this life is. Knowing and understanding your purpose in life can give you a sense of direction and passion. But, what does it mean to determine your life’s purpose and how do you determine your purpose in life?

Let’s start with the definition of “life’s purpose.”

By setting meaningful goals, we start to direct our energies in a way that aligns with what is most important to us. Finding the intersection between what brings us joy and what the world needs. For most of us, life serves us many purposes and is composed of many parts—giving us our drive and motivation, but also causing some stress (which can be good stress or bad stress depending on the situation).

If you find where your passion lies, you often find your purpose in life. If you find your purpose in life, you feel energized and excited to live every day of the life you have been given.

How do you find out where your passion lies?

Start with a vision. Yes– a vision. Never underestimate the power of a vision. Put down your phone, stop surfing the internet, perhaps sit in silence and really ponder your vision of life. Many people find it helpful to physically write down parts of their vision. When thinking about your vision on life, think about all areas of your life and what is important to you in each area.

For example, think about the categories listed below:

Career: Does this area serve an extensive purpose in your life? Or does it cause you stress? What is important to you career/business wise?

Family: Balance between family and self is tough. What gives you the most drive and how do you find the perfect balance between the two?

Finance: For some finance is a motivator, others it’s a huge stressor. Where do finances lie for you? How important are they? How do they affect your day to day life?

Bucket List: Have you accomplished everything you have set out to do? What are your life goals? Do you have adventures you must accomplish?

Health and Wellness: Do you need that daily workout? Where does health and wellness rank for you?

Now, that you have thought about your vision, think about what matters most to you in your vision. In addition, think about what is NOT important to you. It is critical to determine where to put your energy and if there are some things that are in your vision but aren’t important, it is time to let those things go and focus on what IS important. Some other pointers include being positive. Make it a point to try to have positive thoughts. How can you find what is most important to you in life if you are having negative thoughts. Negative energy always makes everything worse. So, ditch the nasty thoughts and turn them in to positive ones.

Finding your purpose in life can be the key to living a long and happy life. Why?– because it gives you direction. When life throws you off track, you always have a path leading back to your ultimate purpose in life.

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