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The Food and Drug Administration has announced changes to the current nutrition facts label that is printed on most packaged foods. This is good news!

The current nutrition facts label is more than 20 years old, making it completely out of date with today’s nutrition recommendations. The new recommendations are based on updated scientific research and trends, recent dietary recommendations from expert groups such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as public input.

A few companies have already implemented the new label and others have yet to do so. Continue reading to find out what’s changing!

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  • Serving size of the product will be updated based on what people actually eat, not what they “should” be eating.
  • The type size for the words “calories” and “serving size” will be enlarged and bolded.
  • Calories from fat is being removed from the label.
  • There will be a new Added Sugars section listed under Total Sugars. Added Sugars will be presented in grams as well as percentage of daily value.
  • Percent daily values will be updated to contain: Vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium. Vitamin A and C will no longer be required to be listed on the food label.
  • New footnote explain the percent daily value.

New nutrition labels facts:

  • Added sugars is defined as sugars added during processing of food.
  • Vitamins A and C are no longer required on food labels because vitamin A and vitamin C deficiencies amongst the population are rare.
  • But, vitamin D and potassium are being added to the food label because most Americans do not get enough.

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