By Fit For Work Staff

Do you find yourself traveling often? Do you fly? Drive? Ride a train? Ride a bike? Whatever the mode of transportation and whether for business or pleasure, traveling can be stressful. Need snack ideas for long car rides? Need something easy and not messy? How about something you don’t have to keep refrigerated? Let’s not forget about healthy food choices in the airport. Check out the guide below to keep you, your family and friends eating healthy while on the move.

General eating while traveling tips:

  • Pack your own food. It’s always the healthiest and cheapest option.
  • Avoid foods high in sodium (salt will make you feel bloated).
  • Choose foods high in protein and fiber (this will help keep you full and satisfied throughout the trip).
  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink water, water, water!
  • If staying at a hotel, call ahead to determine if a minifridge and microwave are available.
  • Determine what grocery stores will be easily accessible at your final destination.

Airport eats:

Food options you CAN take through security:

  • Fresh produce: Veggies (pre-cut), fresh fruit (bananas, grapes and apples are easiest but you can cut up other types of fruit and place in containers before you leave town).
  • Protein: Beef jerky, nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.), hard boiled eggs (pre-peeled), trail mix, hummus, single-serve peanut butter or almond butter packets, pre-mixed chicken salad for chicken salad sandwiches.
  • Grains: Popcorn (pre-popped), KIND bars, LARA bars, instant oatmeal packets (you can ask for hot water either on the plane or at a restaurant in the airport terminal), while grain crackers, rice cakes, bread.
  • Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up with water after you go through security.

Need ice to keep food cool?

  • If you aren’t sure, you can take an ice pack through security, fill a gallon-sized baggie with ice from a restaurant after you get through security (you will have to ask if this is OK), then place it in a small cooler.

Long car rides:

  • Invest in an electric cooler. You can plug these into your car while you are traveling and it is like an instant fridge.
  • Use the same food options listed above for long car rides. These are mostly mess-free food items that should be easy to take in the car.
  • Snack packs: Take a plastic tote with small compartments and fill each compartment with a different health snack. You could make a separate box for each person in the car so everyone has their own snack box.

Health options at easy-to-find restaurants:

  • Starbucks: Protein packs, fresh fruit cups, yogurt parfaits, salads or wraps.
  • Chipotle: Order a burrito bowl and fill with fresh produce and beans--nix the tortilla.
  • Subway: Choose a salad or order a chicken or turkey sandwich with a side of apple slices.
  • McDonalds: Fruit and maple oatmeal, salads with grilled chicken, fruit and yogurt parfait

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