Making it through the crazy holiday season with a smile takes concentrated effort! You might ask, "How do I stay positive when I'm maxed out?"  Start 2018 with this guide on positivity and make it a great year!

  • First, give yourself permission to live one day at a time. 
  • Make a list. Get swirling thoughts out of your head to help you concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Use your outlook calendar and reminder system to help you keep the healthy parts in your routine.
  • Ask for help in little ways and delegate little tasks both at work and home.  This might be a great time to finally let go and hire help cleaning your house.
  • Skip the intense, high adrenaline shows or dramatic reality programming. They drain your positive energy!  Take a break during this busy season. Isn’t your personal life dramatic enough?
  • Sleep! Resist activities that keep you from getting the rest you need.  DVR is your friend.  Gaming can wait.  Being short on sleep will lead you to gain weight, make mistakes that mess up your day and take away your sense of humor.  Behold, the power of ZZZs!
  • Force yourself to have a silly minute.  Even if it means just dancing back from the bathroom.
  • Set up a post-busy season escape.  Be it a staycation or a trip someplace warm, having something to look forward to gives you a different little glimmer of hope.  Believe me, it works!
  • Give yourself a non-food treat. A new pair of workout shoes? Schedule a massage? Whatever works!
  • We all need to vent now and then, but make a pact with co-workers to focus on canning the negative chatter. Focus more on patting each other on the back and celebrating each victory!

Madonna Fit For Work offers wellness programming like this for businesses interested creating a healthier workforce.  For more information, contact us.