• Overview


    Fit For Work’s injury prevention services aim to reduce workplace injuries by identifying risks and educating employees to stay safe and healthy. Our experts use informational sessions to  create better individual health awareness and teach employees better behaviors.  

    All the while data can help avoid costly injuries. Companies that measure physical job demands or conduct pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings take the first step toward creating a culture of health in the workplace.

    Corporate Services Hotline: 402.420.0002

    The Corporate Services Hotline is a one-stop resource for scheduling services, like screenings and evaluations.

  • Injury Prevention Services

    Our team of trained physical and occupational therapists provide top quality rehabilitation while focusing on core stabilization and postural re-education along with job-specific task simulation and body mechanics training to address the injury and prevent re-injury down the road.

    Physical and occupational therapists evaluate a prospective employee’s physical ability to meet the essential functions required for the  position. Tests are specific to the physical demands of the employee’s job.

    Validations completed on-site by a physical or occupational therapist to measure the actual physical demands needed for a specific job to develop post offer screens and use in job descriptions.

    DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol screens for pre-employment screening, accidents, random procedures or reasonable cause are offered at multiple service locations.

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