• Overview


    Fit For Work’s wellness programs incorporate a holistic approach by relating to individuals in their work environment, understanding their obstacles to better health and providing real solutions they can use in their everyday lives.

    Programs and promotions are customized for your company’s culture, employee demographics and health data. Whether your business is just getting started or has an established wellness program, we can help expand the effectiveness of your program by offering a variety of formats and different options to help meet the needs of every employee, from the most sedentary to the weekend warrior.

    Corporate Services Hotline: 402.420.0002

    Successful wellness programs can be scheduled by calling the Corporate Services Hotline. They are designed to feel private and personal to participants yet also foster camaraderie while developing a healthier workplace culture. Our team of wellness experts help provide that personal touch through creative programming, personal wellness coaching and education sessions that offer real solutions.

  • Wellness Programs

    Madonna Fit For Work’s occupational health and wellness experts are dedicated to helping employers reduce costs through a continuum of services that promoted employee health, wellness and safety.

    The integration of the six pillars of wellness helps to better protect and improve worker health.

    Health screenings, with comprehensive lab reports and biometric measures, are an effective way of educating employees about their current health and provide the company with an aggregate analysis of the health status of their employee population.

    Customized challenges boost individual's participation, commitment to improvement and weight management goals.

    Partner with our registered dietitian to boost your immune system, reduce personal wellness risks, eat healthier and manage weight.

    Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone! Madonna Fit For Work wellness specialists will help you regain your balance and improve your energy reserves.

    The Fit For Work health and wellness experts design challenges to increase employee engagement, topic awareness and promote a culture of wellness.

    The Fit to Quit program is designed to help individuals better understand the reasons behind nicotine use, daily habits, readiness of change and the benefits of quitting.

    Investing in a corporate employee health and safety program is a proven way to boost morale and attract quality employees while reducing injuries, turnover, absenteeism and overall health care costs.

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